How to make a decadent chocolate and apricot fridge cake

Hello Lovelies!

DSC_2757This recipe is for the grown up chocolate lovers, just in time for Easter, and it’s so tasty and easy to make – that you’ll want to have this in your fridge all year round! With dark chocolate, scrummy dried apricots, flaked almonds and pretty pink and white marshmallows – this fridge cake feels so elegant and grown up – and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I was inspired by a recipe card I picked up in my local Waitrose a few months back, and decided to add my own little twists on their recipe!

You will need:

7 1/2″ by 12″ (18cm by 30cm) tray bake tin.

400g of delicious dark chocolate

100g of salted butter

8 tbsp. of Golden Syrup or Honey

100 – 150g of Shortbread

100g Flaked Almonds

200 – 250g of Chopped Dried Apricots

As many marshmallows as you like!


Baking Tip!

With this recipe, I’ve been slightly more vague on the filling measurements, this is because it’s completely up to you on how much or little you add to your fridge cake! I generally eyeball it, but I’ve given you rough measurements should you want them. However, the general rule of thumb is, start with less, and then add more – you can put ingredients in but taking them out again after they are covered in melted chocolate is a bit more tricky!

Recipe Makes 15 generous squares!

  1. First, break the chocolate into a bowl, then add the butter and syrup. I like to heat this over a pan of boiling water. It takes a little longer to melt but you are guaranteed not to burn the chocolate, and seeing it all come together in a lovely gooey mass is just delightful.
  2. Break up the shortbread into small chunks, and then along with the rest of the dry ingredients, mix together in your chosen baking tin.
  3. Once the chocolate has melted, pour into the tin along with your dry ingredients and mix, mix, mix! You want to make sure that everything is covered in the dark chocolate.
  4. Pat everything down, nice and tight, and then pop in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours.
  5. Cut into yummy squares and enjoy!


I really hope you enjoy these lovely squares of dark chocolate heaven – let me know how you get on in the comments below, and I’d love to see your bakes! As always, if you would like to send me photos of your creations, please do at, or alternatively, if you have a recipe you’d like to share on LovelyIAm, get in touch!



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