3 crafts you can make from Tin Cans!

Hello Lovelies!

One of the most exciting parts of crafting is taking something that you would normally class as rubbish, and turning it into something beautiful and useful. I thought I would share with you 3 fantastic craft projects that you can make from the humble tin can. Remember when doing any of these crafts, especially if you are doing them with children, that tin cans can be very sharp, so be careful at all times.

The Tea Light Holder

I love how simple this craft is. I love how easy it is to transform something so simple, into something that can create beautiful patterns on your wall, and can play with light and shadow. The unassuming tea light holder has so much potential to change a room, and I hope you have fun playing with this fab craft to create your own piece of art!

To make this craft you will need:

A Tin CanDSC_2791

A Hammer

A Nail or Screwdriver


Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint

Let’s get started!DSC_2810

  1. Fill your tin can with water, and freeze. You will need to do this in order to be able to punch the holes without smooshing the can out of shape!
  2. Trace your design on to the can. This can be anything you like – but remember, you will need to ensure that your design translates well to a pointillism look.
  3. Use the nail to hammer in the holes.
  4. Use your sanding tool to sand the inside of the can, as well as the rim – to ensure that you have no sharp edges.
  5. Either leave naked, or paint! I chose to do mine in an ombre pink, using acrylic paints and a sponge. I then varnished with a gloss varnish to seal the colour.

The Plant Pot

This is another craft where the simplicity of it is its most beautiful feature. I love how in doing this, you can re-purpose something that would have become trash, to something that contains life. I think this design works particularly well for an indoor herb garden.

To make this craft, you will need:

A Tin CanDSC_2840

A Hammer

A Nail or Screwdriver


Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Varnish

Let’s get started!DSC_2843

  1. Punch several drainage holes in the bottom of your plant pot using the nail and hammer. Four or five should be plenty.
  2. Paint the can. Make sure to use a paint or varnish that is going to help protect the can from rust, especially if the can is going outside.
  3. Fill your pot with soil and a plant of your choice!
  4. Labels – As I was creating this to be a windowsill herb garden, I decided to create labels from strips of watercolour paper, and used some sellotape to secure. I wrote the labels using waterproof ink!

As these pots are quite small, you may find that you need to re-pot your plants eventually. I’ve chosen to try growing seeds in mine!

The Mobile/Garden Decoration

I saw this design by Wabi Sabi Wanderings and was immediately taken back to when I used to visit my Nan. She used to decorate her garden with all sorts of found objects, putting glass vases upended on sticks, hanging china cups from trees, and as a child, her garden felt magical. I miss her and her creativity so much, that I just had to make a hanging decoration using tin cans. This could be made like Wabi Sabi to resemble a wind sock, or you could use the same technique to make a wind chime or general hanging sculpture. I chose to create an indoor mobile, using old chandelier crystals, ribbons and broken necklaces.

To make this craft, you will need:DSC_2828-2

A Tin Can

A Dremel tool – you can use a nail and hammer as above, but the Dremel provides you with larger, neater holes, which are easier to thread things through!

Acrylic Paint

Chain, Ribbon or Twine

Ribbons, trinkets, anything you wish to hang!

Let’s get started!

  1. Using your Dremel tool, drill two holes in the top of the can, this will be for the chain, twine or ribbon to thread through to hang the decoration. Then drill holes around the outside of the bottom of the can, this will be where you will hang your decorations from. I chose to drill 6, but you could do as many or as little as you like.
  2. Paint the can. I used green and gold acrylics for mine, with a sponge technique to create a gradient. I also used gilding flakes to create texture and interest. I then varnished the can with a gloss varnish. If you are planning to use the can outside, make sure to varnish with something that will protect it from the elements!
  3. Attach your hanging chain, and decorations.
  4. Hang and enjoy your beautiful creation!

I hope you enjoy creating some of these fun crafts, and please share your comments and creations below, I’d love to see them! As always, please feel free to get in touch at lovelyiamblog@gmail.com



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