Unicorn Love – How to make a Unicorn Head wall decoration

Hello Lovelies!

Everywhere I go, I see unicorns. They’re on mugs, t-shirts, bags… Which is perfect for me as I’ve always had a love of all things fantasy – especially unicorns! I chanced across this particular pattern when in Hobbycraft, and knew that this was something I just had to try out.

So for this craft, we will be basing our design off of pattern 1218 from Simplicity, which you can purchase here. I have however made some slight tweaks to the design, to make it a bit more magical.

DSC_2863You will need for this craft, some scrumptiously soft fleece, I chose cream, some contrasting fabric for the ears and horn – I chose to use an iridescent pink, some safety eyes, some gold embroidery thread, some sparkly wool for the mane*, an 8″ length of wire for hanging, and some cardboard to create the base of the head. This pattern is great as you only need a small amount of fabric – 0.5m at most, and so you could really go mad on decadent fabrics to create something really beautiful.

*Now this is my tweak – I didn’t like the look of fleece for the mane in the original pattern and decided to deviate!


So the best thing about this pattern is there aren’t many pieces to cut out! And I chose to use a cream fleece as the basis for my unicorn, which makes it even easier to cut the pattern pieces. Be very careful however when cutting, as you don’t have much seam allowance with this particular design so be careful to keep everything nice and neat.

The instructions for the pattern are simple, and easy to follow with clear directions at every step. What I will say is take your time and go slow – because of the small seam allowance, you will probably need to hand sew some sections.


This part is fun for all members of the family…

Now if like me, you didn’t like the patterns fleece mane, here is how I used wool for the mane.

I wanted my mane nice and thick, so I decided to double up the wool. And easy way to do this is to wind the wool around a book that is the approximate length that you want your mane, before cutting one side. This leaves you with doubled up wool at just the right length!

I then placed this wool and sewed in place where they suggested to place the fleece mane pattern pieces in the design. Make sure to use plenty of wool to ensure that it’s nice and thick, and take your time when sewing – you don’t want a balding unicorn! See my drawn out diagram below of where the wool mane should be placed on the pattern pieces. unicorn diagram 1

Once the unicorn is all stitched, it’s time to stuff! Make sure to really pack the stuffing in when doing this – if you don’t stuff it enough, it will just limply hang on the wall, so make sure your unicorn is proud and standing tall before stitching up.


Sewing is always fun with a friend!

I really loved this project, it was quick and easy to make, taking me a couple of hours to get to completion and finishing touches. I loved how it turned out – and it would be perfect for a little girls bedroom, or a quirky wall hanging for a hall or front room. The possibilities with this particular design are endless, as it’s easy to try it out in different fabrics and patterns. If you wanted to make it more grown up, you could take some beautiful floral fabric and do a quilted version. Within the pattern there are also options to make an elephant, deer or giraffe, so let your imagination go wild!



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