Craftsy Classes – should you invest?

Hello Lovelies!

Craftsy is a platform where you can purchase video courses teaching you different crafting skills. I stumbled across Craftsy about 3 years ago, when I was looking for some online tuition for painting and drawing to get me back in the groove. I was struggling to find local classes, and when working full time it’s often hard to try and fit in lessons around an allready hectic schedule.

Immediately I fell in love with the clean feel of the website, quality of the classes, and the variety in different topics that are covered.

Primarily myself, I have particularly enjoyed the photography and painting classes, and I thought I would share my favourite classes that I’ve subscribed to, and why you should check them out too! For each class I have given an example of the artwork I produced from taking the class, along with the rough price of the class – Craftsy often have fab sales so keep an eye out for those! The best bit about Craftsy is that once you pay for a class, that class is yours, and you can watch it as many times as you like! Perfect for learners like myself who learn best by being able to listen and watch first, before then working along side the teacher, and the handy rewind function is a real help for those tricky techniques you just want to nail.

I will say however, to read the reviews left by other Craftsy members. They are a really good guide as to how you will find a craftsy class, and to pay attention to the difficult ratings. There have been a couple of classes that I’ve taken which I did not find, for me, were worth the money spent. These are mainly classes based around tools or techniques. Whilst there may be some gems to take away from the class, you might find that it’s best to wait for these classes to come down in price. The main class I found this with was the 10 Marvellous Mixed Media Techniques with Bonnie Cutts. Whilst Bonnie was informative and very warm and friendly, I found that the class was not worth the money I had spent, as I had picked up a lot of these techniques through other classes or my own experimentation.

Paint and Palette Essentials by Jay Senetchko

This beginners guide to oil painting is fantastic. Jay takes you through step by step using the paints, and working your way through from the dead layer of a painting to a finished, polished piece. His easy manner, and logical approach really leaves you feeling confident with handling this tricky medium, and it really is a class that I return to time and time again to re-watch and learn something new each time.

Drawing Wild Animals and Painting Wildlife by Sharlena Wood

This girl is incredible. Her techniques will blow you away, and the artwork that I’ve created through using her techniques have been some of my favourite pieces. Her use of colour is beautiful, and her passion for her craft is obvious in the attention and care she takes in working on her paintings and drawings. Within the Drawing Wild Animals class, you will learn to use black and white Pan Pastels, and learn how to create exciting textures and lifelike creatures. Painting Wildlife focuses on using acrylics and mixed media to produce some exciting results.

I would highly reccommend taking these two classes by Sharlena, you will not regret it.

Drawing Facial Features with Gary Faigin

This class completely transformed my portraiture and working with charcoal. The class is paced well, with Gary taking you through a charcoal portrait step by step, to the point where you feel comfortable applying his advice to your own work instinctively. His descriptive teaching and method leaves you feeling confident and I found I was working to a much higher level when creating drawing than I did before taking this class.


Along with these workshops, I have also found that any of the Urban Sketcher workshops have been fantastic, with a multitude of techniques, tools and skills packed into each workshop and are a definite worthwhile investment if you are into sketching.

Have any of you used Craftsy before? What did you think of the classes? Which did you find were your favourites?

Keep Crafting!



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